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Maxi Height Adjustable Desk

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Maxi Height Adjustable Desk
  • Assemble Available (POA)
  • Delivery 2 - 3 Days
  • 10 Year Warranty
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The Maxi Height Adjustable Desk Range is stylish and affordable. These units put height adjustability within the budget of all computer users. Ideal as a shared desk because height settings are clearly marked on the legs, allowing individuals to set the desk to their own preferences quickly and simply. Controls are mounted on the underside of the desk. Comes ready to assemble. Unique side moldings hold pens and office accessories.

Height adjustable desks are a necessity for many people who perhaps cannot easily get themselves into a position under a fixed desk. With a height adjustable desk disabled users should be able to position themselves easily and then adjust the desk to a comfortable working posture. When purchasing a height adjustable desk for disabled users considerations should be given to whether the user can operate the desk controls on their own or whether someone else will be needed to make the adjustments. If the shape of the wheelchair prevents getting close to the desk consideration can be given to providing an optional Keyboard/Mouse platform, which mounts under the desk and tracks out to be positioned on the user’s lap.

Specifications of the Maxi Height Adjustable Desk:

Model        Width    Depth   Height/Range   Mechanism
FEH1280GL    1200      800     550 to 810        Gaslift
FEH1680GL    1600      800     500 to 810        Gaslift

For more information on the Maxi Height Adjustable Desk or other products in the range phone the design team at IDEAL Office Furniture on 02 9629 6666 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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