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Aero Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

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$ 1299.00
$ 875.00
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Aero Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
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  • 5 Year Warranty
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The Aero Ergo Mesh Office Chair is the best of the best in terms of executive and ergonomic functionality and is available with the following key features:

?  Adjustable Seat Height
?  Adjustable Seat & Back Angle in Synchro Motion
?  Adjustable Back Height
?  Adustable Seat Depth
?  Adjustable Arms
?  Adjustable Headrest
?  Adjustable Weight Tension
?  Mesh Seat & Back Upholstery
?  Heavy Duty Alloy 5 Star Base
?  Heavy Use 150kg Rated Mechanism
?  Commercial Use 3 Year Warranty

Office Furniture

Office Furniture  Features of this new designer office chair are as follows:

Office Furniture

The height adjustable headrest potentially avoids uncomfortable pressures on the neck and shoulders. To adjust, simply hold headrest while seated, then raise or lower to the desired height. Headrest is optional and is easily removed if required.

Office Furniture


Allows the user to hang their coat away from the back of the chair

Office Furniture

This feature accommodates preferences by different workers regarding where and how the lumbar support curve contacts the back. To adjust back height and active lumbar support use both switches located on the back, simply push in and raise to the desired height then release.

Office Furniture

Adjustable arms are designed to suit multi users, allowing the individual operator to set the arm height at a comfortable level to his/her requirements.

Simply lift the trigger attached to the outside of the arm raise the arm to the right height then release trigger.

Office Furniture
Swivel armpads potentially avoid uncomfortable pressure on the undersides of the forearms and elbows with an adjustable swivel option to suit the individual operator. The swivel action keeps the armrests out of the way during typing or other activities requiring free motion.

Office Furniture
To adjust the angle of the back, use the front cable controlled lever attached to the left hand side of seat, move lever forward to unlock, once back angle is in the desired position move backwards to lock.

Office Furniture

To adjust the seat height use the front cable controlled lever attached to the right hand side of seat, move lever backwards to unlock, once the appropriate individual work height is set then release to lock in position.

For more information on the 'Aero Ergonomic Mesh Chair' range phone Ideal Office Furniture on 02 9629 6666 and one of the design team will be happy to help.

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