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Folding Convertable

  • Delivery 2 Weeks
  • 10 Year Warranty
IOF Product Catalogue

For multi-function work environments, Convertable offers a flexible and mobile solution that allows an every-day office area to be converted quickly and easily from conference to training, meeting to breakout or formal to informal applications.

Convertable incorporates a top that can be tilted, resulting in a vertically stacking table. The tilting action can be accomplished by any user with a simple stage of actions for a smooth and easy tilting process.

Convertable provides space efficient nesting when the product is stacked and stored. The width of the frame allows the tables to be relocated through narrow doorways, transported in lifts and stacked together safely and compactly.

Convertable is a light weight table and is manufactured from high-quality ERW tube. The tubing is finished with a high-temperature powdercoat and is precision detailed. A variety of top sizes and finishes can be selected to blend into any environment. Pricing shown is for the 1200 x 600 size but we can make these as large as up to 2400 x 900 in size.

For more information on this exciting new range of folding tables phone 1300 337 446 and one of the team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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