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Free-Flow Height Adjustable Workstation

$ 1899.00
$ 1295.00
You Save: $ 604.00
Free Flow Corner Desk Low Res.jpg
  • Assemble Available (POA)
  • Always In Stock
  • 5 Year Warranty
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The Free-Flow Height Adjustable Workstation can be completely customized to almost any size and is finished with a commercial grade table top in one of many of our quick ship standard IOF melamine colours. As IDEAL Office Furniture make this table to order (as well has have quick ship standard sizes) if you have a specific Laminate colour your require, this is not a problem!

Some of the main features include:

 - Height Range Adjustability (650mm - 950mm)
 - Designer White Frame With Chrome Detail
 - Can Be Completely Customized To Any Size or Colour
 - Simple Wind Up/Wind Down Mechanism
 - Dimensions Can Be Anywhere From 1500mm X 1500mm to 2100mm X 2100mm

The Free-Flow Height Adjustable Table is also available in a straight desk configuration. (See Free-Flow Height Adjustable Desk Below)

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