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Perspex Wave Screen

$ 388.00
$ 328.00
You Save: $ 60.00
Perspex Wave Screen_product_product_product_product_product
Perspex Wave Screen_product_product_product_product_product Perspex Wave Screen Perspex Wave Screen Perspex Wave Screen Perspex Wave Screen Perspex Wave Screen
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The Corporate new Wave Office Screen / Partitions are now in stock for quick ship delivery and boast the following features.

The main benefit of this exciting new product is the strong magnets at each end which allow the screens to be joined easily into unique patterns:
You can easily create: - A full circle - Half circle - 'S' pattern - Extended 'long 'wave by simply adding more screens or rearranging them.
When viewed at an angle the light bronze polycarbonate enhances privacy. When viewed front on, the screen offers diffused privacy.

Perfect screen solution for the following uses:

  -  Real estate offices
  -  Showrooms .. create a quiet customer discussion area
  -  Libraries, Tafes, Colleges
  -  Open plan offices to create 'break out' areas
  -  Hotels for private functions or Breakfast Bars
  -  Restaurants to create a quick 'VIP' area
  -  Schools for quiet learning or 'Special Ed' areas
  -  Trade shows and exhibitions
  -  Home Office to Screen off an Entrance area 

Each screen measures approx 1603 H x 806 W x 400mm. The 400mm is the 'depth' of the legs while on the ground. Featuring a bronze tinted & ribbed translucent polycarbonate body and Silver Grey powder coated steel frame. The Wave Screens can be 'stacked' when not is use. Create a unique screen solution in seconds or change to suit on the day. Each screen has high powered magnets that allow simple joining without fiddly screws or connecting pieces. Just 'click' together and they are set up.

For more information on the new wave acoustic screen range or other related products, contact your local sales and design office and we will be happy to help. 

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