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eBeam Interactive Whiteboard

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eBeam Interactive Whiteboard
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eBeam is the latest interactive product for sharing information and is almost one third of the price of your standard electronic whiteboard.

Business tools such as eBeam are crucial to the modern business (regardless of size)
eBeam enhances teamwork, reduces travel costs and makes meetings more effective ... immediately ! Everything you write on your whiteboard is saved to the computer for easy sharing or viewing later.

In fact, by being connected to your PC, e-Beam allows you to print everything you write ... in black & white ... or colour ... and on standard plain paper!  Better still, you can e-mail a client or co-worker, the contents of the meeting. If someone did not attend the meeting you can simply email the entire content of the meeting to ensure all members of the team have access to the exact notes taken in the meeting or training session.


With eBeam, ou can even broadcast your meeting over the internet (or corporate intranet) in real time with the e-Beam software supplied. Export your meeting notes into popular formats, such as word processors, spreadsheets or web pages (that's right ... e-Beam lets you easily publish your whiteboard notes as a HTML, Adobe PDF, JPEG, GIF, TIF, EPS and more ... document)

Some of the key eBeam Features Include:

eBeam transforms your existing whiteboard ... into a digital workspace.
eBeam automatically records everything you write or draw on your whiteboard, digitizes them, then makes the information available to your connected computer.
Unlike traditional electronic whiteboards, eBeam is portable and easy to install.
The system consists of 4 digital pen sleeves, 2 small palm sized sensors and a digital eraser
eBeam can be carried around in a briefcase and weighs less than 1 kg. It's the lightest and most compact system around.


View the eBeam Demo (Powerpoint Presentation)

For more information on the eBeam Interactive Products phone 02 9629 6666 and one of the design team will be happy to help or book in your free demonstration of this exciting new product.

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