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Small Office Floor Plan

Small Office Floor Plan
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1. Maximize efficient use of total area of 57 square metres
2. Create offices for two senior managers (one of whom likes to work late nights)
3. Include work stations for two office assistants
4. Incorporate a 6-person meeting room
5. Provide a secure access environment inside the front door
6. Deliver a complete solution including all electrical, data cables, telephone system and door security so that customer can walk in and commence work.
The customer had purchased this small strata title space on the southern side of a commercial building.
Our overall goal was to deliver a solution that would be highly efficient, with good natural light, spacious ambience and a positive colour scheme to neutralize the south facing aspect. 
By using a carefully designed mix of solid plasterboard and glass internal walls, combined with a warm colour scheme for walls and chair fabrics, and a light colour selection for bench tops, cupboards and workstations, we achieved our customer's goal.
We installed a polished timber floor in the small entry foyer to create a prestigious welcome and avoid the typical carpet wear and tear of an entrance doorway.
We even provided a pull-down single wall bed inside a neat cupboard unit for the senior manager who often works in his office until well after midnight.
We delivered the complete solution on time and within budget.

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